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GoddesScentss is a dream I have held in my heart of hearts for many years. More than 10 years ago saw the genesis of these divine oils and essences. My very first essence was born in 2002.  Illume, became the signature scent for my Montville gallery of handmade treasures celebrating the art of colour, Illume Creations.

As it happens, Illume Creations was created in the previous transit of Venus in June 2004. I always saw Illume as a temple to the Goddess filled with beautiful feminine treasures and divine works of art. Little did I realise that the second coming of Venus would see a nascent idea finally come to life. This time the transit is up close and personal! 





I  have been fortunate to have spent many blissful hours creating beautiful colour essences for my other love, Aura Light . Even as a child, I had an extraordinary penchant to breathe in all manner of scents. Combining the joy of imbibing heavenly aromas with the vibrant energy of colour was my dream lifestyle.

Aura Light was the love child of my parents Tony and Marion Cooper back in 1991. I thank them for their unending passion in sharing the secrets to colour’s cosmic code with myself and many other fellow travellers.

After firstly managing our home of colour essences and oils, I have relished the challenge of sharing the vibrant world of aromatic colour essences for more than 10 years.

GoddesScents was a natural evolution!  




The Journey Continues...

The catalyst behind the birth of my GoddesScents oils began in September 2011. Ironically a male friend gave me the initial encouragement to embark upon this journey into the world of naturally nurturing luscious oils. My sister Tina, supportive female friends and the Goddess of Astrology, Mystic Medusa have been the ones who have sustained my faith in this odyssey. It’s only just begun!

The new moon in Libra September 2011 conjunct the rainbow Goddess Iris seeded her conception! As Mercury conjoined Venus in Libra, the Goddesses chose to share their feminine mysteries!

The Goddess of love, Aphrodite then triggered  0 degree Aries Point  adding passion to the cosmic celebration already triggered by the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. As Venus emerged from the Sun’s fiery rays on June 6, 2012, she heralded the imminent arrival of the sacred feminine. Jupiter’s energising of the Pleiadean Seven Sisters signalled a reawakening. After exactly 9 months the Goddesscents’ initial journey is fulfilled at the new moon in Gemini June 19/20 with the first bottles of the GoddesScent bottles bottled and labelled.The new moon July 19 saw GoddesScents website come online.

At last her message of Divine Love will be shared!


Good Vibrations

My favourite supplier of essential oils is Ahimsa based in nearby Samford. My blends include a wide range of rare and exotic essential oils such as blue lotus, white lotus, hyacinth, boronia, orris (iris), mimosa, jonquil,tuberose, carnation, violet leaf, gardinia, immortelle, oud, khue and ambrette seed.


These luscious oils and essences are made in my private studio where I bask in nature’s beauty in my private Mapleton sanctuary. I am fortunate indeed to live on the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland!

And yes, of course I am a Venusian Libran!    






A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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t Yellow GoddesScent

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t Indigo GoddesScent

t Violet GoddesScent

COLOUR is coming!


   have arrived and are awaiting you in Illume Creations! 

Experience the delectable GoddesScents soon @ Illume Creations Montville!





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