Essence of Freyja: RED GODDESSCENT

Essence of Freyja: The Red GoddesScents 15ml colour essence 

You are invited to indulge your inner senses! Get ready for RED!


FREYA: The Red Goddesscent: The Nordic War Goddess Freya was one of the legendary Valkerie. This powerful Goddess was also seen as an irresistible fertility Goddess. With her chariot led by her revered cats, she would collect the souls of slain warriors and deliver them to the afterlife.                                                   


Feel Freya awaken within you. Delight in the power of fiery passion as the Freya within flies on a chariot of desire. Life in the modern world can present a challenge for many to just survive. Embrace the inner warrior and stand strong!               


Freya exemplifies the energy of Chakra 1 on many levels, yet she is so much more!


This lush blend combines the sensual exuberant top note of Jasmine Sambac and Rose Geranium with inviting earthy aromas, the delicious notes of fruity Juniper Berries and the rare scent of Oud.





Freyja GoddesScents

Connect with the energy of the Valkyrie Freyja and celebrate the joy of your sexuality. It is time to set the love Goddess free!

Society and religion places heavy responsibilities on our shoulders to comply with moral customs.

Freyja is here to give you courage to be true to yourself and set you free!

Your red GODDESSCENTS, Essence of Freyja: The Nordic War Goddess is here NOW!




Oh Freyja Queen of Valkerie

Bestow courage for me to be free.

Uplift me so my love will see,

I am ready to be truly me!


By Shiralee






 Associated Chakra 1 Keys:

I am tribal connection, survival, self-preservation, individual identity vs group, masculine, independence, grounded, instinctual, conscious, new beginnings, courage, strength, will power, warrior, war, aggression, danger, sacrifice,  manifestation, construction, stability, physical energy, will, security. Related glands and functions: gonads, adrenals, skeleton, sense of smell. Related crystals: garnet, ruby, red jasper, bloodstone, smokey quartz Related essential oils: cedarwood, jasmine, musk. Element: Earth.




A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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