Do you need to get in touch with your heart? Are you too busy to enjoy the beauty and connect with nature's abundance around you? Perhaps you long to escape to the great outdoors? Hu Tu will remind you that it is the simple joys of life which warm the heart.


Hu Tu: The Green Goddess: The Chinese Goddess Hu Tu, is the revered Empress Earth.  Each Mother Earth Day, the Chinese Emperor would make sacrifices to her in the Forbidden City. Hu Tu symbolises the need to maintain a healthy respect for nature to keep life in balance.

The give and take in life needs to be kept in equilibrium for all to prosper.By honouring the Earth Goddess, we are rewarded by her bounty. If you feel the need to reconnect with Mother Earth, Hu Tu will lead the way!                                           

As a Mother Earth Goddess, Hu Tu symbolises fertility. The third born of the Chinese Elements, she has as her symbol a globe. So powerful was Hu Tu the Earth magick creatrix, that she herself could give birth to offspring.Hu Tu personifies the earthy side to Chakra 4. The heart chakra reminds us to keep our life in balance.


This earthy blend will open your heart! The green notes of Galbanum, Vetiver and Oakmoss are blended with a fresh forest fragrance and the sweet notes of precious melissa and Laurus Nobilis.



Goddess Hu Tu

Essence of Hu Tu GoddesScent

Hu Tu awakens the earthy woman within us. Relish the joys of being at one with nature. This Goddess is knows how to live in harmony

Get outside and feel grounded, be your Hu Tu!  Find time to reconnect with Earth energies.




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           Hu Tu


Oh my Goddess Empress Earth,


Herald of Spring’s sacred rebirth


Encourage all to know life’s worth,


Bless me with bountiful birth.


. By Shiralee 

Open your heart to your green GODDESSCENTS! Essence of Hu Tu is available NOW!

Chakra 4 Associated Keys: 

Heart, balance, unconditional love, compassion, empathy, love of others, universal consciousness, earthy, earth mother, freedom,  foundations, form,  renewal, growth, new beginnings, gentleness, see the heart of the situation, wisdom of the heart, good judgement, healing, self-acceptance, morality,  true feeling, unselfish, co-operation,  detached- selfless. Associated glands and functions: thymus, heart, circulation, chest/lungs. Related crystals: malachite, emerald, green jasper, green aventurine, jade, rose. Related essential oils:  geranium, camomile, cinnamon, sandalwood. Element: Air.


A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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