Are you looking for more passion and the scent of romance? Indulge in the sensual oil of the love Goddess Aphrodite. Bliss is back!

Oil of Aphrodite:  Aphrodite has long been the legendary Goddess of love. This gorgeous Goddess of desire was a leading lady in the Greek myths. The sensual Greek Goddess was much admired especially in Cyprus and Cythera.

It is believed that Aphrodite emerged from the Phoenician Goddess of lust, Astarte.

Venus is the Roman twin Goddess to Aphrodite.  Initially a fertility Goddess, Venus evolved into a voluptuous, desirable beauty. Venus became synonymous with the splendour of fine art, sumptuous surroundings and good taste.

From the age of Pompeii to our modern era. Venus has ruled the realm of love and beauty.

Give yourself permission to entice the loving Goddess energy back into your life Surround yourself with beautiful treasures which lift your spirits. Celebrate the Venusian delights of sensual touch along with sizzling aroma. Drink deeply the delicious joy of living!

Enjoy this seductive Orange GoddesScents blend combining the intoxicating sweetness of vanilla and the spice of cinnamon with a sexy selection of exotic essential oils. Completing this sensual union is the unique aromas of Holy Basil & Anise Myrtle supported by our Sandalwood base note.


Aphrodite/Venus GoddesScent Oil

Aphrodite is here to ignite your passion. Make time to feel once more the joy of intimate relationships.

Allow your pure passion to release the shadow of ancient love angst.

Indulge your sensations and awaken your inner Aphrodite with our sensual oil.

Enjoy connecting to the archetypal love Goddess and live in love! 

The colourful Orange GODDESSCENTS, Essence of Astarte is here NOW!



Oh Goddess of dreams this night,

Beckon the one to ignite my light.

Lavish me with pure delight,

Caress me long and tender tonight

By Shiralee.





Chakra 2 Key Associations:

birth, creativity, sexuality, passion, flamboyance, sexual potency,  gestation, birth new ideas, co-operation, creative potential,  receptive, moon,  emotions, deep memory,  empowerment, self-worth, relationships, sociable, sexuality and reproduction, desire, emotion, intuition, sensuality, pleasure,  self-determination,  true to self. Related glands and functions: taste, etheric body, lymphatic system, womb, lower abdomen. Related crystals: amber, aventurine, carnelian, moonstone, tiger’s eye. Related essential oils: rose geranium, orange, tangerine, musk. Element: Water




A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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