Are you ready to step out more confidently? Connect with the wise woman within and feel the joy! Feel the warmth melt your worries: here comes the sun!

Oil of Athena: So revered was Athena that her main temple was built upon the great Acropolis. The Parthenon, built as a tribute to this heroine of old, still stands as a lofty reminder of her revered status as a wise one.

Athena/Minerva was seen as a courageous warrior Goddess and was often depicted in armour with the snakes of Medusa on her helmet. The Greek alpha Goddess Athena was further acknowledged as a patron of arts and craft. The iconic owl symbol still to this day represents wisdom.

Ancient Romans worshipped the mighty Minerva, Goddess of wisdom. Born from Jupiter's head, Minerva was an erudite Goddess gifted with much courage. Both Goddesses share the battle dress, snake and owl symbols.

Our fresh Yellow GoddesScent blend will awaken your senses! Breathe in the citrus top notes of Neroli and more as you drink in the mellow aroma of Ylang Ylang combined with the ancient earthy base note of Galbanum combined with our scentual sandalwood.


 Athena/Minerva GoddesScent Oil

This timeless Goddess emerges to acknowledge your wise woman within.

Embrace the world of art and express your joy with confidence.

If times are challenging, and anxiety undermines your self-belief, look to Athena for the courage to stay strong.


Yes your colourful yellow GODDESSCENTS essence is here!

Essence of Brigid is here NOW!



Athena worshipped upon Acropolis high,

Wise woman let your talents fly,

Success and celebration when you try.

Believe you can, is her battle cry!

        By Shiralee




Chakra 3 Associated Keys:

Solar Plexus, power, ego, self-definition, growth, enthusiasm, happiness,  optimism, joy, logic, reason,  Intellect, study,  planning, worldly affairs, manifestation,  opinion, independent, confidence,  personal power,  ambition, abundance,  assimilation of food and facts, fear, guilt, protective,  psychic sensitivity, irritable, sun,  fire. Assoiated glands and functions: digestive system, solar plexus, pancreas, liver, astral body.. Associated crystals:  golden calcite, citrine, yellow fluorite. Associated essential oils: bergamot, ylang ylang, lemon, neroli. Element: Fire.



A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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