One of the most inspiring Goddesses is undoubtedly Isis! Believe that NOW is the time to meet your inner empowered self?

Oil of Isis: Isis the Egyptian Goddess of old has been revered for many eons. She represents an all powerful Goddess who was the high priestess of life’s mysteries. Ancient Egyptian scriptures proclaim, In the beginning there was Isis, Oldest of the Old, the Goddess from whom all becoming arose.”

For more than 3000 years this great Mother Goddess has been the most prominent female deity worshipped by Egyptians. Isis was the illuminating vision behind her own mysterious cult. Hermetic texts speak of her as sharing her mystical wisdom with the Gods. Such was her influence that the Romans identified her as, ‘The One who is all.’

Symbolised by the key of life, ankh, and the divine lotus, Isis was also connected to the mysterious star Sirius. The tale of Isis and Osiris associates this Goddess with rebirth and renewal. Her main temple on the island of Philae, Luxor, has stood the test of time. Other temples, including one in Pompeii, were built elsewhere across the Mediterranean.

Isis was both intuitive and all seeing expressing the ultimate divine feminine potential. Her attributes included healing and the magic arts. In her more earthly role, Isis was seen as a Goddess of sexual love, fertility and motherhood.       

Isis would have loved the ethereal Indigo GoddesScent blend featuring Blue Lotus, sensual Davana and earthy floral notes of Tuberose. This powerful combination is balanced by Ylang Ylang and some soft woody tones including our scentual Sandalwood.                              


Isis GoddesScent Oil

Isis is an exalted feminine archetype for us to aspire. Her lofty accomplishments endowed her with a creatrix divinity, evoke her powerful being!

Welcome Isis into your life and reconnect with the divine feminine within! Isis was the epitome of universal love whilst still celebrating the joys of a sensual union. Isis reminds us reawaken the much revered creative feminine principle.

Successive patriarchal cultures and religions have disempowered the once preeminent status of women. Invoke Isis if you wish to live a fulfilled life at one with your higher self.  Insight and intuition are gifts many of us have. It is time to trust in that inner wisdom and know who you are!

Isis, the mistress of us all, was the epitome of an empowered woman. It is truly remarkable that Isis survived the rigours of so many patriarchal cultures. Honour her divine precepts by living the life she would gift you!    



Oh ancient Goddess of sensual bliss,

Let me feel life’s potent kiss,

Pure passion heals heart’s abyss.

Mystical magic is made for this!

By Shiralee







Chakra 6 Key Associations:

inspiration, inner sight, visualisation, intuition, perception, psychic, past, insight, self-reflection, extra sensory perception, imagination,  higher creativity, dreaming, sub-conscious, divine spark, spiritual awareness, self-command, memory, sensitive, third eye, seeing, Associated glands and functions: pituitary, sight, sinuses. Associated crystals: peacock ore, azurite, lapis lazuli. Associated essential oils: Blue Lotus, lavender, vetiver, patchouli.


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A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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