Have you a desire to live a more fulfilling life? Nut is a Goddess who reaches beyond humanity and embraces her divine origin. 

Oil of Nut: Nut is a cosmic Goddess whose influence stretched across the sky. This ancient Egyptian deity's influence lived on for more than 2000 years.The Heliopolis creation story tells us that in the beginning Nut was the Goddess of the night sky.

With her naked body stretched across the horizon separating the heaven and earth, she alone preserved order from chaos. Her hands and feet held down by the Gods, were markers for the four cardinal points.

Although Nut was seen as a sexually attractive feminine form, she was not worshipped as an earthly Goddess but rather as a cosmic Goddess. This explains why this Mother Goddess does not have any temples dedicated to her.

Nut was a Goddess who bestows universal love upon us all. She is the bridge between our earthly concerns and cosmic consciousness. She is depicted clothed in stars and at times as a cow. Her image in painted inside the sarcophaguses to protect the dead as they journeyed to the afterlife.

By swallowing the sun god at the end of each day, Nut played a major role in regulating the key marker of time. Usually painted in deep blue, her symbols were the sky, a star, a ladder, a pot and the sycamore tree.

As befitting a Sky Goddess, this Violet GoddesScent blend stars the heady notes of White Lotus with the delicious addition of Osmanthus and a rich floral fruity middle note of Boronia.


Nut GoddesScent Oil

Nut has blazed the way for the divine feminine to be so much more than a Mother Goddess. Whilst throughout history, the Sky God was invariably a male deity, Nut shone as a beacon for the omnipotence of the female spirit. This immortal cosmic being was widely honoured with festivals celebrating her vital importance.

Nut was seen as a fertile feminine Goddess who enjoyed the pleasures of sexual union. Despite her lofty status, Nut reminds us that the sexual union is sacred and should be celebrated.

So dearly did Nut wish to have children, she worked out a way of escaping Ra’s curse on her. Nut’s story demonstrates that she was not going to accept subjugation by a male. Ironically she enlisted another male, Thoth, to deliver her from the constraints. A determined woman will find a way!

You too can journey across the bridge and find heaven on earth!



Ancient Goddess who brings us day,

Let us remember what you say.

Cosmic consciousness is the way.

Eternal Goddess is here to stay!

By Shiralee





Chakra 7 Key Associations:

spiritual connection, seat of soul, connection portal to now, yin, super conscious, cosmic consciousness, all knowing, pure awareness, service, humanitarian, poetry, transformation, self-knowledge, enlightenment, awareness, faith, guidance, surrender to divine will, grace, devotion, meditation, higher self, balanced perfection, spiritual energy, prophesy, inner light, sensitivity. Associated glands and functions:  pineal, brain. Associated crystals: amethyst, clear quartz, selenite. Associated essential oils: white lotus, lavender, violet leaf, frankincense.

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A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

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Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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