GoddesScents Essences  

               Rewaken your senses! Rediscover the Goddess within!

                            In the beginning.... there was the GODDESSCENTS oils! 

Get ready, our breathtakingly exquisite GoddesScents colour essences have arrived!


         Indulge in our luscious colourful essences made to spoil every Goddess.

Are you ready to reconnect with love? Your GoddesScents are here to accompany you on the journey. Seek the path which will lead you on your odyssey into love.

The gorgeous 15ml round bottles hold our beautiful blends in a 3.0% concentration @ $25.95 each. To begin with, we have the first seven to reflect the seven colours of the physical chakras.


    Seven divine Goddess Colour Essences



                               Open your heart to love and gratefully receive her revered gifts. 

                    No longer is there a need to disguise, cherish your Goddess in whatever guise.

                                                                  Be that Goddess!

Divine Goddess Colour Essences in 35ml Glass






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 GODDESSCENTS is excited to introduce the gorgeous GoddesScents range of aromatic oils enriched with nurturing pure plant derived oils and enhanced with rare essential oils.

These perfumed oils are 100% natural! Our base oil combines the traditional sweet almond oil enriched with macadamia oil, avocado oil, organic argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil and the heroine, an exquisite nourishing organic coconut oil.

Our indulgent blends all have a scentual Sandalwood base and are available in a luscious 5% essential oil concentration as well in a 2.5% concentration in a handy glass roll on.

A heavenly drop! You are invited to indulge your inner senses!



Out of the darkness and into the light, our seven archetypal Goddesses have materialised, one for each colour of the rainbow. As the GoddesScents evolve, there will be 12 for the months of the year.

The first seven are the archetypal ancient Goddesses from the Mediterranean.

The duality of life demands that there be a second set. You will soon be able to choose between our naturally nurturing oils and our exotic colour essences.

The colour GoddesScents will be available in a gorgeous 15ml italian glass perfume bottle in a 3.5% esssential oil concentration from November 15. The colour Goddesses will be revealed at the Enlightened Goddess Net Connect at Mooloolaba!

 GODDESSCENTS evolving...

The very first of my exquisite scents which evolved was Illume, the signature scent for my gallery in Montville, Illume Creations . You are invited to come and visit us and discover our luscious GoddesScents oils in store now.

The vibrant GoddesScents Essences will be released in mid August!

Illume Creations can be found in magical Montville perched on the edge of a glorious outlook. Illume Creations is open daily


A rejuvenated Goddess emerges from the timeless mists into a new world...

Our divine GoddesScents Oils and Essences are here to indulge your inner Goddess- specially made just for you! 

Naturally nurturing- made with love by Shiralee Cooper


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t Red GoddesScent   
  t Orange GoddesScent

t Yellow GoddesScent

t Green GoddesScent

t Blue GoddesScent

t Indigo GoddesScent

t Violet GoddesScent

COLOUR is coming!


   have arrived and are awaiting you in Illume Creations! 

Experience the delectable GoddesScents soon @ Illume Creations Montville!





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